Writing a Memoir in 2020 – Falling from Clouds

I enjoy writing. Have been promising myself for years I would write my memoir – mainly to capture the early days of Australian ballooning 1970’s and so on.

With Covid-19 and being in lockdown since March 15 I found the time. More importantly I found the motivation to write – I have completed 80,762 words. WOO HOO!

With continued days in isolation at my home I intend to chase Agents for their advice and support. To ask “what next?

Choosing a title for my manuscript has been quite challenging.

Dancing on Clouds has changed to Falling from Clouds…have done both over 45 years of flying.

Whatever personal challenge awaits each of my Blog friends – I wish you well.

And, contentment.

Australia Day Inflation of Aurora 2013

misty blue

Flying 'Bernadette' Over Dolomites Italy 2018