2021 Hydrogen Balloon Race in Australia

Gas Balloon to launch Gordon Bennett Race 2018

An opportunity exists to organise an Inaugural International Aviation Event in Australia. Hydrogen filled balloons carrying sand bags for ballast offer an excellent opportunity to promote and focus on our Australian Hydrogen industry.

Australia has an abundance of the natural resources needed to make clean hydrogen that produces no carbon dioxide emissions when used as a fuel.

In 1988 Australia had a birthday party. I created the concept and managed the Bicentennial Balloon Challenge as one of our country’s major celebrations at that time. A convoy of over 900 people made up of 78 hot air balloons on trailers (52 teams from overseas) plus a mobile medical centre, mobile command centre, mobile repair station, large coaches full of international and Australian media departed Perth for Sydney.

Over 16 days this fly/drive endurance event touched the lives of the participants but just as importantly the population along the route.

Australia has hot air balloons floating around our brilliant skies. We do not have gas ballooning, a form of long distance flight. It is time to make change.

To work to introduce Australians to the adventure of flying at times up to 4 days non-stop in a small balloon basket to cover distances up to and over 3000 kilometres.

At this point in time the project needs to finalise a supply of Hydrogen for the participating gas balloons plus establish partnerships to contribute to presenting an outstanding event with the potential to be held biannually.

And to attract tourists back to our country.

I can be contacted at ruthewil@bigpond.com or through my website.

Welcome aboard to those who can appreciate the vision.