Life in the times of COVID-19

I am jotting a few notes down for future reference….to be sure that the past 9 months were not a dream nor a nightmare in many cases. My family today remained safe and healthy for which I am grateful. I have had friends in Europe and USA who travelled the COVID journey, all surviving for which I am more than grateful.

2020 evolved as a year for unexpected health issues that required four surgeries but definitely demanded that I focus on my personal well being. What a positive time to have to face and conquer such issues. I had no other adventures or projects taking my energy, time and passion. So I consider myself one of those fortunate few who gained ‘something’ from such a disruptive year.

Health issues hopefully bring opportunities for healing and in my case I have been blessed with positive healings, also time for reflection to appreciate what life has given me.

The remaining weeks of 2020 are being marked off my calendar as I prepare enthusiastically for 2021 and what awaits me. Hopefully a book Agent and Publisher at least. And fulfilling my dreams of witnessing an amazing sunrise from a gas balloon.

But – what will 2021 bring?

Sunrise from a gas balloon

Sunrise from a gas balloon