We Wait!

Yes we wait! Those on the ground at Gordon Bennett Headquarters, those who manned the Command Centre 24 hours over 4 days as support for the 20 intrepid gas balloon pilots who took to the night sky Friday September 13 to chase their personal challenges.

Those who travelled from afar to applaud these amazing aeronauts inspiring others with their deeds of belief in self, belief in their meteorologists’ forecasting to fly to the end of their race safely.

Yes we wait! to listen intently to each personal experience, sometimes struggle, sometimes exhaustion but always impressive and fascinating in the telling.

But some travel today to enjoy the amazing villages an hour away for lunch and sightseeing at Eguisheim and Colmar in Alsace. Photos below.

Tomorrow night we party together – a mixture of interesting folk from many different countries all sharing the love of aviation.



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