Nail Biting Stuff – Over 82 hours in a balloon basket!

Tuesday September 17

News is coming through that the remaining balloons will land in the next few hours. They have been flying their gas balloons for over 82 hours – 4 days 4 nights in a small wicker basket to fight to claim the prestigious Gordon Bennett Cup.

Photo below of the winners Nicolas Tieche (R) and Laurent Sciboz (L) at their landing place close to the village of Sfantu Gheorghe in Romania. Retrieve by boat only so they will have amazing stories to share at the Welcome Back party Friday evening at Montbeliard Airport in France.

Our Australian team Darius Brzozowski and Kiff Saunders flying the ZONZO balloon flew as far as possible to the west coast of France. An amazing experience for Kiff Saunders as this was his first Gordon Bennett flight. Excited to hear his personal response to the challenge. His and Darius’ names now go into Aviation History as Gordon Bennett pilots.

The GB media team went hot air ballooning this morning just for a break flying in Marc Andre’s balloon. Thank you, Marc Andre (pilot) Regan Tetlow and Florian Michel for inviting me to join you.

Hot air balloons below ready for lift off to float over Montbeliard France.


IMG_5815 3