Unfathomable Universe or Dark Chocolate?

My never ending curiosity into the mystical world of metaphysics has been triggered today after reading my last post. In the mid-1970’s when I was exposed to a reality other than my earthly daily life there was no Google or internet to check things out. Such ‘happenings’ were not spoken about so I quietly nurtured my various experiences to develop a strong personal core to lean on whenever life hit me on the head. There were times my head was spinning but once it stopped I found it easy to accept that there is an unfathomable Universe to be further discovered. I hope I never stop learning.

My mother would say to me while a child – “you were born asking WHY?”

All these years later I am still asking WHY?

Why have I seen spirit? Why have I heard my inner voice? Do others hear their inner voice?

And then I found a quotation from Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology.

A man with a vocation will hear his inner voice.

What is the ‘inner voice’? I can only share some of my personal experiences. I could hear loudly and clearly the spoken words inside my right ear.

1967 Seven months pregnant with my first child I heard – ‘Thou shalt be borne of a son and his name shall be Mark Gregory’. Two weeks later Mark Gregory was born.

1970 As the doctor handed my second son after his birth to me I heard – ‘This child shall be upon the stage’. This child has been involved with theatre, movies, commercials since he was 13 years old.

1983 I asked for guidance as to whether or not I should surrender to or invest $1000 with a smooth talking futures investment consultant. Sitting still in a mediative state I heard with clarity the word NO. I left those funds at the bank.

Right now I am craving dark chocolate – Lindt Orange Intense. My usual behaviour that allows procrastination or change of scenery. But I shall finish before such indulgence of chocolate to say I am keen to open a conversation with others on their thoughts about the Unfathomable Universe.


What will tomorrow bring?