Fascination – Balloon or Caravan

I have been bewitched by the art of flying, found a love that is not merely a passing infatuation, but one that has stood the test of time – over 40 years. What is it that draws some people skywards while others are more than content to stay earthbound?

I have been asking myself this question often while on my caravan expedition seeking an understanding on what drives people to establish a home on wheels, either permanently or casually, to move around the Australian countryside or explore any country in that manner.

The word that continues to haunt me is ‘fascination’.

My fascination for the sky, my aerial playground, has resulted in devotion and dedication to my ballooning. I felt similarly when I achieved my fixed wing licence in 1998. Every time I float skywards I leave my earthly responsibilities behind to immerse my thoughts, emotions and decisions into one meditative experience. I am totally involved with Air, Balloon & Self especially when flying towards a selected target or goal. My senses are on full alert, my heart feels full of joy (most of the time). It’s when the Air throws a serious challenge that my heart changes its beat and I discover prayer. This is my go-to to find my inner calm once more to enable me to make the correct decision, the safe one. To date that has always worked for me. To become one with the wind where there is no sensation of wind at all on one’s face or body, to float in a balloon basket is such a privilege.

I have a 360 degree view below of villages with people going about their daily life, seeing the whole story of the river as it winds its way through the land, roads carved through snow, the land as it unfolds to the distant horizon, alpine flying. It is all mine to absorb, always an expansive fascination towards what sits below me.

While on caravan wheels I have found a fascination for what may lie around the corner. My curiosity pleases me even if I have had to endeavor to develop more patience.

Sitting in the vehicle towing my temporary ‘home’, the caravan, results in my vision limited to the next corner, the river bend, by the heavily tree-lined road, the hillside climb. What will I find next? Where will I find stimulation? What will present itself so I can find a storyline – for my Blog – or for my personal reminisces.

Gradually I am realizing that exploring by caravan or van of any kind is a more intimate journey with heaps of time for mental dialogue, taking photos, enjoying music and growing to love ‘life on the road’. Before I stepped into the caravan I felt concerned that I would find this type of travel quite compact, even limited, compared to floating above with an expansive view of all. My initial thoughts are evolving though. I am slowly approaching a clearer understanding of why people choose to wander earthbound.

Not there yet though.

Austrian Alps from my basket.

Along the road towing the caravan.

Filzmoos from my basket.

What will tomorrow bring?