Creativity – the urge to write – where does it come from and where does it goes?

I wake keen to blog – start my day with my usual coffee then breakfast – kind of healthy – it’s oats plus blueberries. Morning shower, dress while pondering on what my blog subject today shall be.

Armed with a second cup of coffee I open my computer – enthusiastically if I may say so. Then what?

My fingers refuse to dance across the keys. They hear no music, no words for stimulation as I stare into an empty space. So I take another break and hope to return full of creativity.

27 hours later I return but not for long.

I now know where my creativity went as my body needs every bit of energy to fight a nasty bug. Sore throat, nasty cough and aches. So I will not linger long here.

Where creativity comes from shall have to wait.

I hope if you are reading this blog life is being kind to you.


What will tomorrow bring?