‘Where are you? How are you? We are worried about you. Read your blog where you shared you were fighting a bug then nothing”.

And that’s what good friends are about – checking on those special in their lives.

I have always believed and tried to live my life such –

To have a friend you need to be a friend.

Swallowed the dreadful tasting cough syrup, heaps of vitamin C and Zinc, ate many oranges but I suspect it was allowing myself to rest, rest, rest that has finally restored my energy, good health and creativity.

Girl friends visiting lightened my days also. Thank you Tanys and Susan.

We explored and shared our thoughts about the healing properties of nature. My personal preference was ‘water’. To be near water is where I need to spend time to heal, to notice my spirit soaring.

Your ‘nature spot’ may be where?’

What will tomorrow bring?