Brotherhood of the Roses

I started my blog wishing to compare the various dimensions that life brings when I looked at my world from high in my balloon basket or looking out the window or door of a caravan.

The exploration of those comparisons brought me lots of joy and new knowledge of self.

The caravan is stored for now.

As has been the way during my personal journey fate has offered me a totally new direction.

As has been the way during my personal journey I have grabbed this new challenge with commitment and enthusiasm.

I am now just over 4000 kilometers from my home. Today I commence the research required to write a book. I have been commissioned to write this book and as it blossoms I shall return to my blog.

Many years ago I had a long and amazing dream experience that I won’t go into here except to say the final message was –

“If you ever need help, call on the Brotherhood of the Roses”.

I am calling now.

What will tomorrow bring?