2018 What Challenges Await?

I left my last blog to take on writing a 68,000 words piece and have finished editing 168
pages a story mostly on people and aviation two of my favourite topics. It has been mostly a 12
to 14 hour a day discipline so I have to ask myself What to do now?

Love this photo of the pelicans with various ones glancing in different directions. Should I fly?
I expect they are thinking once observing the sky, the clouds. I feel a little like that today.

Although I know where I will fly over the next 4 weeks – Brisbane, Hunter Valley, Sydney, Perth,
Northam, Perth, Sydney, Canberra.

Retirement? Retirees? We need a new word for folk not surrendering to the old concept of stopping work
at 65 staying home and doing little. Not happening in my world or in those of all my circle of friends.
Now that’s a new challenge – create a new word that resonates with 2018 and the lifestyles of active
vibrant over 65’s.

What will tomorrow bring?