The Gift of Sand! The Gift of Friendship

IMG_5902The Gift of Sand

Regan Tetlow made the comment ‘the gift of sand’ during one of his 10 hours’ YouTube live videos on Gordon Bennett gas race. The gift of sand. I liked the comment. Days later talking with the Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon race winner Nicolas Tièche the meaning of these words became apparent.

The 2019 Gordon Bennett organisers asked Nicolas Tièche and Laurent Sciboz prior to the event if would they would carry extra sand during one of their long-distance gas balloon flights in Switzerland. After landing would they then forward said full bags of sand to them please. Nicolas did and they proceeded to create hundreds of tiny sand bags carrying the Montbéliard logo to be given as race souvenirs to pilots and crews.

Sand carried in the unique space of a gas balloon basket now winds its way back to many different counties as a reminder of the essence of adventure gas ballooning, a gift of sand.

Merci Nicolas! Merci Laurent! Merci Montbéliard!

The Gift of Friendship

Yes, I am giving ‘the gift of sand’ to my friends – to Shawn Mackinga in Switzerland who once saved me from drowning in the ocean near Byron Bay. To my lovely neighbour in Australia who waters all my plants in my absence from my home. To my granddaughter Josie who wanted to travel to Montbéliard with me for the Gordon Bennett race but stayed at home in Sydney for her university studies. To others whom I will surprise.

Thank you to all my friends who are part of my world. I have always believed to have a friend one has to be a friend too. I try to honour my belief always.