2021 Off To A Positive Direction

2020 memories fade.

2021 new activities and challenges have arrived.

Get physical, use your brain in various manners and so on, the experts tell us. Who’s us? Those who listen.
Including myself. So I have found the game of croquet and love it. Who knew as I drove regularly past the croquet courts at the Canberra Hyatt Hotel for almost seven years that such a sport would find me during my twilight years.

Already retired for 13 years and after 2020’s forced ‘stay-at-home’ COVID lifestyle I can finally acknowledge my life has discovered a different beat. Slower, more gentle with time for reflection and writing. Have finally decided on a title for my memoir – Conquering Clouds.

Back to my croquet –

Stepped onto the Nelson Bay Croquet courts February 5. After three lessons, I was hooked. The croquet hoop is now my new weekly target. Not grieving so much for my ballooning targets now. And meeting friendly kind locals who have made me welcome.

Check out awesome artist Kristeena Saville. So thrilled she chose to sketch me during the Canberra Balloon Spectacular recently. See more of Kristeena at http://www.kristeena.com.au

My wish is for any person reading my words to find a contentment that fulfils them.

What will the remainder of 2021 bring?


My new croquet mallet a gift from my beautiful, generous family. Thank you again xxxx


Kristeena Saville with my 2021 drawing.