Rained On My Parade

The rain pounded on the caravan all night so it meant jumping puddles this morning to do anything at the Narromine Aerodrome. There is an aura of bleakness around a wet airfield attempting to host an Air Show. I first flew my balloon at the Narromine Aerodrome in the mid-1990’s and more than a few times since. So it was without reluctance that the van was packed and hit the road heading northwest towards Warren, the township not the man.

The previous afternoon I was determined to play a game of golf. Headed to the local golf club. Not a soul there. No carts! No golf trolleys either! So what did I do? Money went into the honest box. I teed up hit the ball up the fairway or down the fairway depending on whether or not one comes from Far North Queensland as I do. And I carried my clubs. There is always a first time for everything I kept repeating to myself. Lasted two holes till my shoulders started to scream so I surrended to the inevitable, headed to the car to pack the clubs away for a future game with improved comfort (read golf cart).

Next stop on the map, Carinda. Saltbush scrub dominated along the highway as the miles ticked by. Well not exactly a highway, more a rough road soaked with mud on either side. At various intervals three or four kangaroos would jump from the bush across the van’s path without warning. Spotting a few emus then searching for more gave me something to do.

Lights on a vehicle up ahead and it’s only 3pm. A caravan and 2 x 4 wheel drives were stopped in the middle of the road, all three covered with mud down their left hand sides. A man and a lady approached on foot. “A blasted truck driver ran us all off the road” shared the irate male. “Came straight at us so he could stay on the bitumen. We swung off the road and skidded into the wet sticky mud and bogged. Just out now”. He turned and walked back to his now rescued car and van. As I viewed the muddy tire tracks I marveled that he had not overturned the van and killed them all. Try to find the positive in everything I remind myself.

WikiCamps lists caravan parking at the Carinda Hotel. I imagine an old-fashioned two story Aussie pub with if I am lucky good country music playing and pleasant locals enjoying a beer or two who will welcome me with friendly banter. If I am really lucky the pub will prepare and serve my dinner tonight.

Expectations! Hard to cope with when not met but I make the most of a pleasant evening. Chatted with some locals and ate fish and chips from the BEATS STARVIN menu. Back to the van for a cuppa tea and dessert while listening to one of my favourite performers Troy Cassar-Daley as a blood red sunset brings today to an end.

What will tomorrow bring?