Life in a Basket or Van #2

Life in a Basket or Van #2

Now that I have been on the road for many days it has become more obvious to me what motivated me to start this Blog: Life in a Basket or Van.

My balloon basket is relatively small, actually standing room only. Its size is not relevant though because it is a platform from which a vast world becomes apparent. And I have been fortunate to see memorable sights from my balloon basket in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, United States, New Zealand and throughout my own country.

The caravan is not my home. It is just a room within the house that is the world.
So I try to ensure that there is something memorable to see upon wakening, to remember to study the moon stages so I do not miss moonlight from the window adjacent my bed. To appreciate that the van takes me along the Australian roadways exposing me to my sunburnt country, to life that I have not touched having spent so many years airborne.

My schedule today should cover Grenfell, Forbes, Trundle and possibility Narromine, all situated in western New South Wales.

Grenfell, a town built on gold first discovered in 1866. I meet up again with my discarded ‘relative’ Henry Lawson (October 18 Blog post) as this is his birthplace. I read he was born in a rough canvas tent on his parents’ gold claim. The local community hosts a Henry Lawson Festival each June long weekend. The time passes quickly as I walk around the various streets offering architecture from early to modern times. Wearing my favourite walking shoes makes the experience most pleasant.

Time to check out Forbes. Found a brochure that tells me Forbes hosts Camel Races, Arts Festival, Picnic Races, Rodeo, Winemakers Show, Grazing Down the Lachlan, and particularly Vanfest at the end of November annually. Can’t tell you what Vanfest is. Please use your imagination.

Daylight is fading so decision is made to camp in Trundle at the only available site at the local Show Grounds. Drive in. Completely deserted. God Bless the Smart Phone. After searching I find ‘Call at the Lucky 7 Food Store for key’. I feel like I have won the lottery. Store will close at 6pm so it is a rush to find the Lucky 7 Food Store. Key 12 he hands over and finally this van is the one and only sitting in the vast showground. A parliament of magpies creep stealthily towards me to join me for drinks. Another day down!

What will tomorrow bring?