Gordon Bennett Team Launch Sequence

Master briefing done. All participants departed to prepare for the Opening Ceremony held at the impressive Musée de l’Aventure Peugeot.

All guests enjoyed a sparkling evening of speeches, French food, champagne and fruit juices.

Atmosphere built as the pilots and teams waited for the traditional launch sequence draw. Then it was happening.

Friday September 13 1900 hrs (7.00pm) official launch time advised.

Team Australia Darius Brzozowski + Kiff Saunders will launch at #3.

Current 2018 GB Champions Team Poland 2 (Matteusz Rekas + Jacek Bogdanski) #8.

Team Belguim (Philippe De Cock a previous GB winner + Geert Peirsman) #5

Team Swiss (Kurt Frieden GB winner + Pascal Witpraehtiger #16.

To follow this prestigious aviation event please go to https://www.gordonbennettmontbeliard2019.com/

The excitement continues to build as teams this morning are up early to fill sand bags with precious sand, their ballast, and prepare for hydrogen inflation of each beautiful balloon during the day.

I have been asked to explain to various media outlets what is going on in most team’s baskets once airborne.

Full moon, favourable weather presents for an exciting varied race direction.

What will tomorrow bring?

Pilots in sequence as listed above.