Gas Ballooning – The Tie That Unites Us

The love of flying whether it be by hot air or gas balloon, ultralights, hang gliding, gliding or recreational aeroplanes is a passion that ties those folk who chase the aerial magic.

After nearly 24 hours of travel by commercial aircraft from Europe to Australia I am still not back on my regular time schedule with my sleeping and daily activities. But I walk around in a daze absolutely amazed at the wonderful aviators both Tanys and I met during our gas ballooning adventure recently.

We left Australia with only the promise of a rented balloon for our proposed September flight.

We returned with secured balloon + trailer all insured plus the promise of assistance to secure all the necessary gear to allow us to chase our personal aerial magic.

Pilots from The Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany stepped forward to support this Aussie team of two females from Down Under. Their generosity is so appreciated by both Tanys and myself.

And we thank our United Nations of support profusely.


Gladbeck Clubhouse Germany