The Aussie Way! ZONZO – to wander!

Ground support for GB pilots during the race of the year vary differently.

The top GB competitors have an established headquarters often in various cities or towns. There sits ground support in front of computers. One person responsible for the important met passing updated weather conditions to the pilot, another monitoring and reporting the competitors’ tracking positions, radio systems plus more. The umbilical cord to ground support is secure and constant.

The Aussie Way differs.

Team Australia’s ground crew, Pato and Grega, have set up ground support in their chase van. While driving west across France often winding through small villages these two intrepid men will be also monitoring two computers, three radio systems and one live tracker in said vehicle. Chase and support all one. I salute them both and say congratulations! Memories from this will last a lifetime.

The report from Team Australia’s ground crew is that Kiff and Dariusz will keep flying this morning with an intended landing spot before the west coast of France. Thanks for photo also Pato.

We stand by to continue to follow their track, then their final landing in their spectacular balloon ZONZO.

What will tomorrow bring?


Grega & Pato with radio take a break along the chase track.