On Our Way to the Race

“You’ve got this gas balloon caper in the bag Ma”. So said my younger son Grant.

“You are a glutton for punishment”. So said one of my Australian ballooning friends.

What will tomorrow bring? Final packing of gear for Europe – lists checked once more – airline tickets, passport, money all packed then off to Sydney International Airport.

This gas balloon caper is finally feeling real to me.

A gas balloon caper started in 1906 from Paris, that in more recent years has had pilots flying non-stop for distances ranging from 602km to 3400km with time in basket 45 hours up to 92 hours.

My wish is that Tanys and I fly safely and well – that we laugh and also sleep during our long flight – that our adventure touches those it needs to touch – that we ‘stand’ tall alongside our gas ballooning peers – that our families and friends will feel proud of our commitment to step outside the boundary of daily routine.

My promise is that I go into this huge challenge totally with heart and love.

Please follow us at www.gordonbennett.aero/en

Supporting us from the ground will be John McCarron, Becca Wilhelm, Mark Wilson, Penny York, Detlef Gocke, Axel Krischbach, Mason Tetleyjones, Josie Wilson. And a final thank you to
Alfons & Ben Volkers Nicolas Tieche and Laurent Sciboz for your support with devices and equipment.