More Writing

Yes I say the same as many folk – where do the days go? Time seems to pass ridiculously fast. Since my last post I have been writing again – my memoirs – mainly 44 years of chasing the wind, indulging in my passion of aviation.
Almost completed. Now trying to decide on the manuscript’s title….

Dancing on the Clouds…

Falling off the Clouds…

Both are appropriate to the storyline. I will continue to ponder on this but will soon survey my family and friends for their honest responses. If you are reading this and respond to one or the other please email me at


Currently also working on the King Valley Balloon Festival scheduled for June 7 – 10 this year in Victoria. But before then off to Mudgee in New South Wales for our National Hot Air Ballooning Championship – not chasing targets but as an Official as well as encouraging the number of younger females embracing this amazing sport.

Will have interesting photos coming up in May and June. For now..

Back to my writing xx

Floating at 15000 feet above the Swiss Alp in a gas balloon basket.