May June July August

No photos posted as promised in my previous blog.

Life sent me a challenge instead. Or I created it.

Running down steps in my Ugg boots I tripped, flew through the air and finally landed
heavily on a concrete path. May 9th. The good news was that I broke no bones. The sad news is that my body reacted with shock from impact. Pain from my waist down to my toes set it and stayed until early September.

During that time, I fulfilled my responsibility as Safety Officer at our National Balloon Championship, managed a ballooning event in Victoria and other activities during July & August while on heavy pain killers. How addictive to those drugs I became. At no time was I interested in taking photos or writing my blog. It took a strong mental decision late August to change my pain management.

I am finally feeling results after embracing the healing treatment of Kinesiology and Chiropractic.

Now ready to fly to Europe for the 2019 Gordon Bennet Gas Balloon Race with strong memories of my participation twelve months previously in the same annual race. After 33 hours without sleep I spread my sleeping bag on the hard ground and slept. Tanys did the same until our chase crew arrived to rescue us.

More posts to come over the ensuing days. Thanks for visiting my site.