Gas Ballooning Adventures

During our first nine days in Germany we have been involved with four gas balloon flights – either with assisting with inflation and launch or flying ourselves. The world removed from this activity has disappeared. As we continue to prepare for our Gordon Bennett launch planned for Friday evening 28th September I continue to immerse myself further into this adventure.

Our still to be resolved issue is communication and Tanys has taken control of that. Not easy when our command of German is NIL. Yesterday she returned from Telekom with new sim cards for 6 phones. This morning we were unsuccessful communicating with each other. So back to Telekom to be more educated on this essential part of the process here.

Benni Eimers has assisted with our rental of Satellite phone, ELT and replacing our sand scoop that was broken. Rien Jurg has loaned us material to use as sun shade during our flight and shared his vast experience with Gordon Bennett flying.

Our Swiss GB friends have confirmed our oxygen supply. Thanks Nicolas and Laurent.

On Tuesday 18th we helped Wilhelm Eimers launch with Bill Aras (USA) and Mason McCarron one of our crew aboard as passengers. The flight has been well posted but in brief they flew approximately 29 to 30 hours from Germany to Estonia. After a lengthy drive they are due to arrive tonight around 10pm.

What will tomorrow bring?

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