Dancing Around Clouds

Clouds – they form a part of our daily lives except when skies are totally blue.

Clouds – they could represent our thoughts when one’s mental dialogue rambles far too much in various directions any one day or week.

Home from flying at the annual Canberra Balloon Spectacular where I danced around clouds in my beautiful balloon “Aurora’ as over 30 other amazing pilots with their balloons danced along as well. Photo of a tight landing of ‘Aurora’ and self at the Australian National University will remain a Canberra memory.

Need a few days to finalise the manuscript for the book “Northam Aero Club – 50 Year History” with a publication date due in September this year.

What’s next? Planning a huge challenge for the months ahead.

For all those folk who continue to question me re my caravan travels…. I only spent 3 weeks in October 2017 in the caravan. Not convinced it’s where I need to spend my time at this point in my life. Other challenges attract me so no further reporting on caravan travel for now or maybe into the future. Who knows what the future will bring so I won’t say categorically never again.

What will be a part of my future is my writing. I have loved every minute of my fingers dancing over the computer keys.

But for now – what will tomorrow bring?