D-Day minus 1

Team Australia has come together in Bern – We had our first team briefing in my hotel room last night supported by a few celebratory drinks and nibbles. Team spirit is strong.

“It looks like we will have to fly over the snow covered Swiss Alps tonight”..the rumour amongst the various competitors. Tanys and I looked at each other. YIKES! Tanys feels the cold considerably. I know it will take many sand bags and deplete our ballast for the remainder of the flight. Not my favourite direction at all.

This will be challenging!

Team members are filling sand bags at present. I hope we take around 60 bags of ballast but the final count will be at lift off.

Let me introduce you to those who will actively contribute from 28th September to Tanys and my Gordon Bennett flight.

Ab Maas Meteorologist
Rien Jurg Flight Support
Becca Wilhelm Met Support
Detlef Goecke Balloon Meister – balloon inflation
John McCarron Launch site security
Penny York Social Media
Mark Wilson Chase Driver/Photographer
Mason McCarron Chase Driver/Ground Crew
Josie Wilson Communications
Axel Krischbach Chase Driver with balloon trailer

My final blog for a while but I leave with a photo of Tanys and myself indulging in the German custom of finishing our Munster restaurant meal with a SPOON or two OF SCHNAPPS.

What will tomorrow bring?

Finally an answer to that – the 62nd Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race across Europe.

Tanys McCarron Ruth Wilson