The Magic of Gas Ballooning – Episode 2

I suspect all of us have moments when our lives are touched by an extraordinary person.

Two amazing people have touched my world this year. How fortunate am I?

Tanys McCarron, aviator & adventurer, has embraced ballooning particularly gas ballooning. She is a natural. Her inquisitive mind and questions have impressed our German instructor, Willi Eimers. I never doubted Tanys would be solid with her role in the spectacular long distance Gordon Bennett balloon race – the official title Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett. The date 27th September through October 6 this year launching from Bern, Switzerland.

Willi Eimers – bubbling over with the enthusiasm and energy of a person half his age. Such thoughtfulness with having our Australian flag flying at our accommodation at the Gas Balloon Clubhouse in Gladbeck. A team of Polish gas balloonists arrived earlier today to be also greeted by the flag of their country flying on the Clubhouse. Pilot Mateusa Rekas with his crew Jacek Bogdanski, Agnieszka Danielewica and Grzegorz Markowski are here to practise also for the Gordon Bennett Race in Bern. German, Polish and Australian pilots shared personal stories with warmth – mostly on ballooning of course!

Benjamin Eimers (Benni to his friends & son of Willi) also a respected gas balloon pilot who will represent Germany at the Gordon Bennett Race in September, moves with a similar enthusiastic approach to life, communicating with me regularly prior to our arrival. Meet Benni at His brother Sebastian was at the Clubhouse to welcome us. A special family indeed.

What will tomorrow bring?