Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race from Switzerland

I took these photos at the Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race launch from Nancy France in 2013. French pilots Vincent Leys and Christophe Houver won that race with a distance of 1402.42km.

The first Gordon Bennett Cup launched from Paris in 1906 and is recognised as the oldest and most prestigious aviation competition in the world. Pilots representing their country compete with each other on a simple principle: each team launches from the same location with the same quantity of gas. The team whose balloon lands furthest from the starting point after an average of 3-4 days of uninterrupted flight wins.

Australia will have one team competing in the 2018 Gordon Bennett Race September 27 through October 7. Team AUS 1 – Tanys McCarron and myself will undertake this challenging race across Europe. Our home will be the wicker basket surrounded by sand bags similar to the one featured below. Launch window will be September 28 – 30 weather permitting from Bern Switzerland.

Will endeavour to blog on our preparation for this demanding event until our departure from Australia September 9. My excitement at ridiculous levels!

More information at www.gordonbennet.aero.

Please follow all the 21 teams from 12 countries once they undertake this amazing race at www.gordonbennett.aero/live-tracking.

What will tomorrow bring?


Waiting for lauch