Death Comes Calling

The dinner table was covered with the remains of an Italian meal. I was sitting with fourteen of my close friends when my phone rang. Kevin Ross Wilson to whom I was married for nearly 20 years and had remained friends and in each other’s lives had died ten minutes earlier. The phone calls continued with our sons Mark & Grant who had been supporting their father’s final journey over the previous weeks. My only grandson Tyler with his girlfriend Emily was with me. I felt the love and support from everyone in the room.

Kevin Mark Grant Ruth Wilson Japan 1989

Photo features R to L: Ruth Mark Kevin Grant with Tomoko and Youko.

My hot air balloon was packed away, my journey to the caravan delayed while I attended Kevin’s funeral service. The death of a loved one brings tears for the sad loss smiles for the amazing memories shared and is definitely a time for reflection.

I sincerely believe that death is the shedding of our earthly body to allow the soul to move to a higher vibration, to reunite with others of similar energy. Hence death does not frighten me nor does life define me. More on my metaphysical experiences another time.

What will tomorrow bring?