Australia at War

Australia is at war. Invaded by an unseen enemy.

The widely contagious DELTA virus rages throughout my country. Cities and states are locked down with potential for freedom of movement flagged until November 2021. Our population is locked in with stay at home orders while loved ones, family and friends are locked out. Our politicians with advice from medical officers proclaim daily rulings their public must, should obey. The cry of struggle from many desperate citizens grows louder and louder. The drums of impatience from those resenting the locked downs are banging incessantly.

Australia is an island country. Historically we have been blessed with a lifetime of peace compared to others around the world. We have now lost that. Invaded by a virus we cannot see but one that leaves an ugly image of its effect on those unlucky to crash into this invader. In hospital, gasping for breath, a metallic machine thrust down a throat to assist with breathing. Some win. Most lose at this point.

Delta moves around the world dancing at a rate in some countries that the number of infections and deaths are hard to grasp. The virus has found its way to Auckland New Zealand, our close neighbour. We now watch newsfeeds from that country’s Prime Minister as directives are given on their strategy to contain the virus spread.

I tell myself to focus on my personal world. To observe my mental and emotional health. Some days I feel emotionally overcome with the media stories lacking hope and positive feed. It is then I realise I must dig deep to find resilience, look for and see the positives surrounding my life hoping others can also.

I cannot let fear win.